Mieskuoro Sirkat

How to become a Sirkka ?

The admission test may frighten you, but we will be ready to train you to a most excellent male choir singer if you own the basic skills required.

Your voice, register and musicality will be estimated in a test, which will be organised normally at the beginning of the season. Usually our season starts on the next monday after the schools have started in August at 6 pm. You can contact directly our conductor Kimmo Tuuri (p. 044-5531464 ) in order to make an exact appointment. Passing the test will be easier if you have some experience in choir singing.

The accepted candidate will have a trial period of some months, when his training diligence will be observed. Participating to our choir requires that mondays will be dedicated to this hobby. New singers will have a 'godfather', who will advise you in practical matters. Every training session begins with voice exercises to all singers.

We expect that every member will take part in all Sirkka activities. Besides singing there will perhaps be administrative duties, getting ads to our calendar and marketing it. And similarly we expect that during the first few years the new singer will accomplish the basic singing standard set by the male choir union (you must know 40 pieces by hard of which 5 will be randomly picked).

We will have occasionally some pieces in english and several in swedish. But the main repertoire will be in finnish. So this might be a great opportunity to learn finnish properly. Come along !

Last updated: 18.3.2018